What is CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation)?

What is CCE?

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is a method of assessment introduced by CBSE(central board of secondary education) as well as State governments in India. CCE aims to evaluate every aspect of students in the complete academic year on a continues basis during their presence at School. The assessment system covers both scholastic and co-scholastic areas of a student. The final result of the evaluation is evolved through different processes like Marks and Grades, Summative assessment,co-scholastic Evaluation etc.

Role of  School management software in Continuous and comprehensive evaluation

Gone are the days of traditional chalk and talk method of teaching and learning, especially with CBSE schools. With the implementation of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and the most recent Uniform Assessment System, rote learning of the previous system has gone beyond the oblivion. There came the multi-faceted evaluation of students in place.
The CCE system is formulated to reduce the burden and pressure on students, but its flip side goes to all the teachers and authorities out there. Instead of conducting annual exams at the year-end, they are made to evaluate their students through various curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year.  Be the new system a boon or bane, we the ‘Eduxpert’ is here to help you out, with our tailor-made software to assist you in every task that CCE is marked with.

Multitasking is the game of the 21st century. Grooming the students to be the best players is what the new education system aiming to be. Dividing the huge CBSE syllabus into chunks, CCE encourages additional life skills, emotional skills and thinking abilities. Work experience, skill dexterity, innovation, steadiness, teamwork, public speaking, behavior etc. are all being evaluated imparting real-life lessons to the students. It gifts a proper grooming to the students, knowing their strength and weaknesses in various fields. CCE is made to help the students to understand the syllabus instead of mugging them up.

No doubt, this updated evaluation system, comprising CCE and Uniform Assessment System, is the best to provide a holistic education, promising over-all development of the student. But it has multiplied the task that the teachers and the school authorities have to go through. Year-through evaluation of every student in multiple aspects, demands a teacher to work relentlessly like a machine. They would wish to multiply their senses as well, to keep in track with the evaluation process. And that is exactly where Eduxpert stands. Our school management software is so much in line with the modern teaching methods and CCE system. Imagine securing a private assistant! Eduxpert thereafter will be right hand for teachers and authority to stay in tune with optimum result, no matter how difficult the task is.  

Manage your attendance, send mass messages, record your students’ growth graph, evaluate their progress, get graphs of activities recorded, all under the light of Eduxpert. Revive yourself from the burdensome chores of CCE, give your students the best schooling experience and share the best teacher in you. Get Eduxpert’s school management software, and know you can do it even with your eyes shut. Hurry, make your pedagogy in pace with technology, implement your signature teaching method to reap the best.
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