Educational apps for teachers

Being a teacher is not easy, they are responsible for the education of the young generation. It requires hard work to ensure the quality of education as a teacher. Luckily technology developed many helpful tools to assist teachers in the teaching process. Such apps make teaching process easy and  help to improve the overall quality of education. Today we are listing down some of the best apps for school teachers.

Google Classroom

Google classroom - apps for teachers

Google Classroom is a revolutionary app from Google LLC to help organize all class materials in google drive. The app helps to create classes, distribute assignments and stay organized. Anyone with a personal Gmail id can use google classrooms for free. The app also offers a pro version which is included in the G suite for schools. Google classroom is very easy to set up, it usually takes seconds to fully set up and the teacher can share the code with students to join in the app. The app can ensure effective communication between teachers and students by instant discussions and sharing of course materials through the app thereby saves time and effort. With the amazing features that Google offered in this app, it spots the number one position in our list of best apps for teachers.

Kahoot – school app for teachers

Best teaching app - Kahoot

Kahoot is an innovative app that converts boring lessons into interesting games. using Kahoot, teachers can easily create games based on the topic without any coding knowledge. Teachers can upload the questions and answers to Kahoot website. The website then creates a game from the uploaded data. Students can download the Kahoot app to use as a buzzer to join in the fun. The game based learning platform makes it easier to learn any subjects with the interesting games. It also supports any language and it can be used to create games for students of any age.


classdojo- teaching app

ClassDojo is definitely one of the best school apps for teachers in this list. This communication app helps teachers, students and parents connected always. It helps to develop a positive classroom culture by encouraging students positively. It motivates the students by allowing them to earn stars and keeping communications with every parent through the app. The most useful feature of the app is that teachers can bring parents into the classrooms virtually by sharing photos, videos and real-time announcements with them. This helps parents to keep updated about their child’s classroom performance. And finally, the app is completely free to download. Assistant Pro

teachers assitant pro

Teachers assistant pro is another useful app that helps for the real-time communication of parents and teachers. The app collects student’s actions, behavior and achievements in the classroom and saves in its database. Teachers can use this data to present in parents meetings and conferences. The app has a feature to save data only to in your device rather than it’s database which ensures the security of data. It offers both free and pro versions.


seesaw learning app

Seesaw is a digital portfolio app for students. The app allows students to post and share their best works with teachers, parents and their friends. seesaw encourages student engagements through its creative tools. The app has thousands of creative libraries which students can use for their projects. Seesaw helps teachers to analyze and understand what their students are interested in and helps them to improve student skills. The app has won many awards including 2018 Top Pick for Learning by Common Sense Education.


evernote app

Evernote is a note taking app that teachers can use. It effectively replaces the paper-based notes making it easier to share notes with hundreds of students. Evernote helps to create input typed notes and even scans paper-based notes to make it digital copy instantly. the app can take notes in various formats whether it is texts, photos, videos, audios, sketches Evernote has got you covered. The support for Microsft office documents, PDF etc makes Evernote a must have app for students and teachers.


additio app

Additio is a classroom management app. the app helps to keep attendance, grades, and class notes organized by keeping it as digital entries in their database. Additio lets you take attendance, calculate grades, and plan your timetable, all on your mobile device. The app has a lot of powerful features but you need to have their pro plan to use all the features.


classs tree app

Classtree is a useful app that helps teachers to get consent from parents for various school activities. The app replaces the paper-based consent letters, teachers can create forms through the app and get it signed by parents online. This avoids the hectic manual paper works and saves time. All the signs are verified through phone numbers and the app even shows you who has viewed the form and who owes you a signed from. It is one of the best app out there to collaborate with parents and teachers.


best app for teachers - edmodo

Edmodo helps teachers to connect with parents and teachers. it is one of the biggest learning community. The app allows teachers to post assignments, polls, quiz easily while providing access to relevant resources. The app is designed by teachers for teachers to bring the classroom into the 21st century. Edmodo makes it possible to connect and communicate with teachers and students even after the school time. It is undoubtedly one of the best apps for teachers.


Best app for teachers - Educreations

Educreations is a unique whiteboard and screencasting app which helps teachers to annotate, animate, and narrate nearly any type of content as they explain any concept in the classroom. Educreations helps to create short instructional videos and share it instantly with your students. It offers both free and pro versions, with the free version, users can only save one presentation at a time while paid users allowed to create as many as drafts in progress. The one downside of the app is that it is currently only available for iOS.

Are you satisfied with our list of best apps for teachers? Have suggestions? We appreciate your comments. Happy Teaching!

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