Modern education system vs Traditional education system

Modern education system , the new method of education and the traditional education system our primitive method of education. There arises many confusions between modern education system and primitive education system. Modern education relies on computers and internet. when the learners are considering to choose between online or traditional education,the difference that come to their mind is obviously is the difference between siting in front of a computer and sitting in a traditional classroom.These are not only the difference in online and traditional education, there is difference in learning style,technology,learning environment etc. which affects the learner. Let’s see what are the differences in modern and traditional education.

Traditional education system

In traditional education, students are gathered under a roof at a specific time and specific place. The teaching style of traditional education is teacher-driven.The learners discuss with the peers to clear their doubts or interact with the instructor after the class to do the same.The knowledge attained by the learner depends on the knowledge of the instructor.

Modern education system

Modern education is mainly online. The online learning favors independent learning methods. Online learners must be self-directed towards achieving their academic goals and should be self-motivated. It mainly relies on the visual way of learning.

Comparison between modern education system and traditional education system

⦁ In modern education system the learners are able to learn in flexible timings,whereas in traditional education there is a fixed timing.
⦁ The learners in online education are a heterogeneous group of people with different age, different nationality, different professions etc. Whereas in the traditional education learners are a homogeneous group of people of the same age group.
⦁ Traditional education is costly, the course books, tuition fees, the classroom setup etc. sum up to a huge amount of money compared to online education. Modern education system doesn’t require any classroom setup, course books etc. hence it is comparatively low cost.
⦁ The online learners are able to learn courses that are offered by different universities at the same time. Traditional education holds the learners back as they are only able to learn a single course at a time. To learn courses from abroad universities in traditional education is very difficult. Hence an online learner is able to get certificates of different courses in a short period of time whereas in traditional it takes much more time.
⦁ In traditional education the exams are conducted after a period of time, say a term or semester. The courses are manually evaluated. Whereas in a modern education test is conducted after each topic with automated evaluation.
⦁ Online learning provides with an unlimited source of learning material whereas in a traditional the learning sources are limited.

modern education system

To sum up both the education system has pros and cons. According to the current situation, modern education system is better than traditional education system.

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