Top 5 Features of EduXpert School Management System

EduXpert School Management System Comes with a plethora of tools that empowers school administrators and teachers for transparent school operations and administration. Each and every tool in the software helps to ease out daily school activities. Here are the top 5 features of EduXpert School Management System that makes the software stand out from other school management software.

Instant School ID Card Generation


School Id Card generator | EduXpert

School ID Card generation is easier than ever by using EduXpert School Management System. It can generate ID Cards within seconds making id card generation faster than ever.

We have written a blog post about school id card generation and how to use EduXpert ID card generator for creating School ID cards easily. Check the blog post for complete information about EduXpert School ID Card Generator.

SMS/Voice Call Facility


sms and voice call system | EduxpertSMS/Voice call notifications are one of the most prominent features of EduXpert School Management System. The software can send notifications to parents for Fee reminder, absent report or any other General Information. It allows sending bulk SMS as well. So that any emergency or essential information can be passed to parents, students, and teachers with a single click ensuring effective student-teacher-parent communication.

Tally Integrated Accounting Module

Tally Integrated accounting module in EduXpert School management system helps to manage money flowing in your institution easily. The accounting module contains many features like ledger, daybook, balance sheet, daily collection report, etc.

User-Friendly UI

One of the main features that make EduXpert School Management system is it’s easy to use and well-designed user interface. Anybody with basic computer knowledge can use EduXpert effortlessly. The incredibly robust design of the software makes it easy to access all the features in the software with a single click. The software is highly customizable so that you can change its entire theme to match your school website.eduxpert ui

  Mobile App Support

eduxpert mobile app

EduXpert Mobile app makes the communication between schools and parents easy and instant. You can access every feature that is available in the web app through the mobile app as well. It allows school administrators, teachers and parents to stay connected and updated all the time. The app has many useful features like instant pop-up notifications, built in homework and schedule tracker, classwork with audio, video, and documents, one-touch payments, etc.

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