Hostel Management System

Hostel Management System by Eduxpert is a full featured hostel accommodation and management ERP software to efficiently manage a school/college hostel. Hostel management by manual way is tedious process, since it involves work load and time consumption. In our Hostel Management System software, we can easily manage the hostel details, room details, student records, mess expenditure, mess bill calculation, easy way of room allocation and hostel attendance. Thus there are a lot of repetition can be easily evaded which has reduced the data redundancy.

Inbuilt Features of Eduxpert Hostel management software:

  • Allotment of rooms :

    Easy allotment of hostel rooms, Our software can allot rooms by checking the availability and preference of student automatically.

  • Building Information (Hostel Location,Number of Rooms, Floors etc.) :

    Keep track of all the information related to the hostel, Eduxpert hostel management erp will help you  save hostel locations,number of rooms, floors etc. In a secure cloud server.

  • Room Information (Room Strength,Assets,Facilities etc.) :

    Information related to every room, room strength of each hostel room,Assets and facilities, Name and information of students residing in each room etc.

  • Defining list of wardens :

    Complete list of hostel wardens with their contact information.

  • Hostel Fees Collection :

    Hostel fees collection made easy with options to pay it online. The software can notify students about the due dates as well.

  • Daily expenses of hostel :

    Daily expenses of hostel are always tracked.

  • Mess bill calculation :

    Mess Bill calculations  & balance payment calculations are now really easy.

  • Visitor Records :

    Forget about old fashioned paper based visitor records, With this software all your visitor records are maintained in our database.

  • Generates customized reports for further reference :

    Comprehensive reports about all the hostel related activities are automatically generated.

  • Dues and refund report at the end of semester and year :

    Dues and refund reports generated at the end of every semester or year.

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