How Blogging Can Be A Great Option For College Students

In college days, students often think of starting something of their own and earn money. They do a part-time café job or give tuitions but what if they can start something sitting at their home? With the growth in the internet and digitization, students now have a good option to “start a blog in college”.

When you are entering into blogging, don’t ever afraid that – “You will fail”. Blogging can be a great way, if done right!

So let’s find out the tips to start a blog and run it successfully.

Plan a Schedule along with Your Studies

If you are studying and becoming a blogger together then a plan of execution is required. It will be better if you will prepare a time table for studies and decide a time which you think will suit your blogging start-up. If you make blogging your hobby and not a burden, then it will become more interesting. Don’t let blogging affect your schedule and take a good sleep of at least 6-7 hours.

Time to Spend on Blogging

Well, there is no such time. In an already hectic college day you can spend just 1 hour and sometimes when you have your collage off then you can even spend 4-5 hours. It will completely depend on your college timing and your interest of course.

Start Your Blog by Showing Your Ideas

A blog is completely different from a news or an article. A blog can be your own story, inspiration or an influencing topic of interest. You can just put your ideas and thoughts into it and can select a topic or niche of your choice. Remember about your target audience too and write useful.

So the process of blogging starts with the following:

  1. a) Topic Selection

Topic selection can either take a lot of time or it will take no time if you have already thought about it. While selecting the topic ask questions like – “can you write on that topic?” “will it interest your readers?”, “is it something in trend?” etc. Spend a good time in selecting the most relevant topic.

  1. b) Think of Your Target Audience

Always emphasize on your target audience. Your target audience will be a set of people who would be interested in your niche. Those who exactly knows what you are talking about and understand the terminologies used in your blog are your right audience.

  1. c) Content and Images

Next and the most important, do not copy the content from anywhere and make it as unique as possible. Also take care that your blog is well designed, user-friendly and it should contain all the stuff that can attract the readers. Using points, bullets, images, infographics etc. will enhance the look of your blog and will attract the readers to come again and read your blog.

As you are a college student, so to create a free blog you can use sites like WordPress and to design images there are many online free tools like Canva that you can refer.

Tell everyone about your blog

Now that you have finished writing your first post, try to tell everyone to read your post. Refer it to your friends and family members and ask them for their reviews and feedback. Once you get a boost and motivation for your writing, you will definitely grow as a blogger.

Promote on Social Media

Now, as you have written many blogs, it is time to create your social pages and promote the links. It is wise to use the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as these are popular as well as professional to use. In future, when you will become a well-established blogger you will have the opportunities like Google AdSense and various Affiliate programs to earn money with your blog.

Blogging is a tough career option because of the competition that comes along. But if you have turned blogging into your passion then no one can stop you. An add-on that comes with blogging is that if you build a name for yourself then, good jobs will come to you.

Blogging for college students is always a win-win situation and a learning experience. We hope these tips will help you!

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