Helicopter Parenting, How It Affects The Studies Of A Child?

Helicopter parenting significantly affect the studies of a child. It is also called as overparenting. The term helicopter parenting was coined by Dr. Haim Ginott, psychotherapist and parent educator, in his book “Between Parent and Teenager” in the year 1969. Let’s dig into the topic more to know about its effect on our children.

Parents are really concerned about their child’s studies, career, future and the list goes on. To be an involved parent is not always a bad thing, however being over-involved would certainly have a negative impact on your child. Being active in your child’s life makes the bond between parent and child closer. It may increase your child’s confidence and provide your child with guidance, however don’t command what they should do.

How helicopter parenting affect the behavior of the child?

Many studies have shown that helicopter parenting cause adverse effects in the child’s life. Children having overly involved parents in their life lack confidence in their skills. There is a chance that they may not even know how to do things for themselves. A study that was published in the “Journal of Child and Family Studies” in 2013 showed that many college students were not satisfied with their life. The reports showed that those children had been overparented.
By overly involved in child’s life you are making your child’s life miserable by hampering them from exploring and experiencing different things in life. Let them learn from their life experiences. These experiences are their opportunity to learn. They learn from their mistakes and will be a better child than overparented one.

How helicopter parenting affect studies of the child?

Did you know that over pressurizing them in their studies leads to poor performance in their academics? They may not be able to concentrate on their studies, and they always feel distracted. If they are young, they feel sad, and eventually they grow up hating their parent. This really affects the parent-child relationship. Forcing them to score high grades in the academic studies puts them under pressure, and they may not be able to handle the pressure, and they may not be able to perform well as they expected.
Supporting them and guiding them without pressurizing them increases self-confidence in them and they may perform well. Instead of telling to score good marks, if you tell them to do up to their potential and says that you believe in them makes them more confident about themselves and will be able to perform very well. In this case, they don’t have any mental stress. Their minds would be free, so they will be able to focus on their performance.

How helicopter parenting affect the career of the child?

Most of the parents would have planned about which career path their child must take even before they start to talk properly. Their biggest concern is that whether they grow up to be successful person or will they get a well-settled job.
The problem begins when a parent thinks that their child should be an engineer or a doctor or an MBA Professional to have a good life and a good career ahead. A child can make a good career in any field based on their interest and passion towards it. They won’t be able to do well in their career if they choose a career in which they have the least interest. Which they are choosing because of the pressure from their parent. This situation is well portrayed to us in the movie “3 idiots“.

Helicopter parentingConclusion

The time and technology have changed. The child now has different paths to follow. If you think that they are making a mistake talk to them and listen to them clearly. The thing the parents should do is to trust them rather than clearly abandoning their way and telling to follow the way that you tell them.
How annoyed you would be if you went to a fashion store and all you get from there is large sized black shirts and trousers only? You are so annoyed even if you didn’t get a choice in what to wear, think of the situation of our child if they didn’t get to choose their life, career, job, etc.
The deeper the connection between the parent and the child least is the possibility to get overparented. The only thing that we can offer as a parent is love, trust, support, and guidance. Support them and guide them to a better future never try to kill their dreams. Let them fly under the protection of your wings.

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