Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Custom LMS

With the spread of Covid-19, physical distance becomes substantial. By keeping in mind the situation in the current pandemic of Covid-19, our team realizes the increased need for eLearning solutions around the world. Our reliable eLearning development services can be fully adapted to meet your custom needs as compared to packaged LMS software. As more and more institutions move online amid the current situation, take a look at some of the prominent features that our eLearning development service can offer you.

Web-based classes or Live classes

Yes, it’s happening now!

With time, every learner wants to learn at his/her comfort and pace. In recent years (2019 and 2020), due to the pandemic of COVID-19, web-based learning gains its peak. So, we bring up the idea of solving all the distance-based learning issues. Our e Learning development team is capable of developing advanced virtual classrooms. The Live classroom feature will remove the distances among the students and teachers. They will feel like they are going through the study life they were ever (sitting in front of each other). They can even interact with each other: students can ask live questions and get a response from their teachers. Apart from these standard features, we also provide custom-built web-based training solutions as per your specific needs.

Assessment or Examination system

The assessment or examination of students is a systematic and continuous process for evaluating students on the bases of skills, knowledge, attitude, aptitude to get a promotion. We realize that assessment or examination in the educational system is a critical aspect for both the teaching and learning processes. Now, students’ assessment will become easier with the tiring efforts we will put in the development of our customer-friendly eLearning solution. Let’s come to the point! We have an integrated Examination System, which can have most advanced and amazing features (i.e., Create Examinations, Hall Ticket Generation, Question Paper Generation, Subject Wise Marks Sheet, Print Student Wise Report Card, Real-Time Updates for Parents, Multiple Reporting Formats and Certification Generation). Besides, these features can be customized according to your needs and by keeping in mind your educational institute. These customized features will be compatible with all types of educational institutes. Your life will become easier when you employ our smartly developed application for compiling results. With the help of our great triumph in such kind of development, our clients will be able to use this application with the ease they were looking ever before.


Looking like, your precious institution is still using old fashioned attendance system? We are in the 21st century now!

We know that without a reliable student attendance management system, organizations have to face many issues. By replacing your paper-based old-fashioned time sheets with appropriate attendance management software will help your organization in saving time, maintaining proper attendance records by tracking the app sign in and sign out, reducing administrative work, and eliminating process bottlenecks.

Parents Feedback

Studies show that children with parents who take an active role in their education perform better both academically and socially than their peers.

This is one of the many reasons why parental involvement can be a great thing for many schools. But the real question is not, “Should parents be involved”; it is, “How should parents be involved!”

One of the best ways to get parents to engage with education is through surveys that capture their feedback. This feedback not only helps parents contribute positively to their children’s learning experience, but it also can be an indicator of a school’s overall success. By sharing their opinions, parents provide useful insights that may otherwise go unnoticed.

To get the maximum involvement of guardians, we can build another fantastic module (you can name as “Parents Feedback”) in our customized eLearning software. In this module, every student will receive a unique login. To procure the involvement of parents, log in details of the student will be shared with their parents. These details will assure parents to enter their children’s profile, check their performance, exam details, the rules, and regulations, extracurricular activities, communication with an instructor, fee details and many more.



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