Most Lucrative Career Choices After Engineering In 2019

An engineering degree, without doubt, ranks among highly prestigious educational qualifications in India. Over 1.5 million students graduate as engineers every year close to 4,800 colleges and universities across the country.

Every engineering aspirant has to study well to pass with excellent grades at Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams or their equivalent. Additionally, they’ve also to score high at complex entrance exams to get a seat at an engineering college.

An engineering degree in India isn’t cheap: college and university fees can go as high as Rs.2 million for a course, depending on the institute.

Unfortunately, ground realities are different.

Engineering & Ground Realities

What’s the ground reality?

Over 93 percent of engineering graduates in India are unemployable. The remaining seven percent who do get employment graduate from very reputed engineering colleges including Indian Institute of Technology.

The reason is simple: most private and other engineering colleges that mushroomed over the years are mere degree-granting portals. Their graduates don’t possess skills typical of an engineer.

Secondly, about 80 percent of engineering graduates in India don’t have the latest skills that are necessary for the Indian industry and today’s corporate climate.

Obviously, you’ll wish to know how to bridge this skills gap and make a lucrative career choice after engineering in 2019.

Most Lucrative Career Choice after Engineering

There’re several excellent, lucrative career choices if you’re already an engineering graduate. In fact, these choices can help advance your career and get you to higher positions, if employed. They’ll help you find work as a consultant.

International Master’s Program for Managers

The International Master’s Program for Managers trains professionals such as engineers in various managerial skills. This course is available in India only through Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

The course fee is Rs.1.7 million and is ideal for engineers.

If you’re wondering why such a staggeringly high fee, here’re the reasons. This is the only course that would give you qualifications to become one of the topmost executives at any major corporation in India and abroad.

The course is extremely competitive. Hence, only the best brains can complete it successfully. And you’ll definitely be aware that any IIM degree is worth its value in gold. You can expect an unimaginably high salary.

Master in Business Management

Indian Institute of Technology offers a Master in Business Management or MBA courses for engineering graduates. This is a superb qualification for every engineer. Needless to say, you’ll know the value of an IIT degree and the skills that come with it.

The course fee including other essentials is Rs.1.2 million.

Understandably, the fees are very high. But so is the value of an MBA for India’s topmost engineering colleges, IIT. You’ll get lucrative job offers from topmost employers in India and abroad even before you graduate was MBA from IIT.

You could have done an engineering course from an institute without learning much skills. However, an MBA from IIT will definitely help you launch a lucrative career. It’s the best and most lucrative career choice after engineering.

Digital Marketing

Now you may wonder what’s digital marketing, a primarily IT related course got to do with engineering. For starters, digital marketing is the fastest growing industry in India. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, India will require over two million digital marketers only to cater to the ecommerce industry and its related sectors. The scope for digital marketing in other sectors such as Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) is tremendous.

The cost of an excellent digital marketing course is between Rs.30,000 and Rs.40,000. Some may charge even more. But if you join any online or offline training, you need to consider various points about the course and the institute.


These fees are affordable for everyone. And some institutes such as DMatic Digital also offer scholarships to students. Furthermore, they give Rs.100,000 worth free tools. Digital marketing is the most lucrative career choice after engineering.

Additionally, digital marketing gives several distinct lucrative career choices after engineering. It helps you become a digital marketer at the topmost position for any engineering company or become an entrepreneur by combining engineering and digital marketing skills. You can also diversify your career with top digital marketing institute if the need arises.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the future of computer technology and will cover almost every area of our life in the years to come. In fact, there is a shortage of professionals in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning skills in India, despite the very high demand.

An AI & ML course, as it’s called, would cost around Rs.500,000 at any topmost engineering institute of India.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is also the most lucrative career choice after engineering since professionals can earn more than Rs.200,000 per month as salary or even higher as an entrepreneur. However, it’s best to do this course from one of the topmost universities only. Some IITs in India offer six months to one year course in AI &ML for students.


A classic and most recent example where robotics are used in India is the Chandrayaan-2 lunar explorer launched by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Robots are also useful in common applications such as food processing and logistics. And Robotics is a growing field in India.

An excellent Robotics degree from the best engineering colleges will cost around Rs.500,000.

Usually, only engineers qualify for Robotics courses since they have necessary skills in electrical, mechanical and other fields. However, it’s important to select only a reputed engineering college and not any upstarts for doing this course. For example, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and various IITs in India offer short term courses in Robotics for engineers.

In Conclusion

The above five courses offer the most lucrative career choices after engineering due to a single reason. These are emerging and fastest-growing industries in India. As a result, there’s a severe shortage of professionals that possess the necessary skills. Furthermore, these courses can also help you get very highly paid jobs abroad if working and living in a foreign country is your dream. At the same time, it’s worth noting that learning these courses requires intense dedication and hands-on training. Hence, we suggest topmost universities that have the necessary resources.

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