5 Reasons Why Having A Lesson Plan Is Important

What exactly is lesson planning? Lesson planning is a detailed step by step objectives of a teacher about what students need to learn and when they have to learn. A successful lesson plan has three main components. Learning Objectives, Learning activities, Assessment to check for student understanding.

Okay, Is lesson plan still important? Yes, absolutely! Having a lesson plan is important for teachers of all grades. It helps teachers to tackle unpredictable situations in classes. It also helps newbie teachers to schedule and execute lessons at times effectively.

Now let’s discuss what are the reason why every teacher need to have a lesson plan

1.Time management

Many newly appointed teachers are often struggle to complete portions at specified times. A step by step lesson plan helps to correctly manage the time for teachers and complete their lessons on time. It helps to save time in future, students can utilise this extra time for revising the lessons.

2.Give confidence to teachers

Having a lesson plan is a confidence booster for teachers. They will be able to tackle unexpected situations and missing of classes. With a good lesson plan in hand, you will be able to employ best teaching practices that deliver effective teaching.

3.Result Oriented

A lesson plan helps teachers to find out academically struggling students and to give assistance to them to improve their learning skills. This way teachers have a better understanding of their students and can adapt their teaching styles to meet the requirements of every students.

4.Prevent over-reliance on text books

Lesson plans prevent over-reliance of textbooks. Many guides are written using the syllabus, these guides are an excellent ways to create your lesson plan. These guides have all the questions solved, teachers can use this to save their time.

5.Easy for substitute teachers

Having a proper lesson plan is a boon to the substitute teachers. Substitute teachers can easily grasp where the lesson was exactly stopped and how long the other teacher took it to complete it. Then he can start from the exact point at which the old teacher has stopped the course. In this way, the transition of teachers would be smooth and affects less to the studies of students.

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