Educational Websites For Kids (10 Best Websites Kids Must Use)

The Internet is an exciting place to learn and acquire knowledge. From kids to adults, everyone uses it as a primary source of knowledge. There are countless numbers of websites available on the internet. Today we are counting down the top 10 Educational websites for kids where they can learn and acquire knowledge in a safer and easier way. These websites can also serve as supplemental material for the subjects your child is already learning. Most of these listed websites are loaded with exciting games, animations and videos and all are free to use.

1.National Geographic Kids

Websites for kids - national geographic

National Geographic Kids is the online counterpart of National Geographic Kids Magazine. The website offers great contents to kids including educational games, Kid-friendly information, Wildlife footage, etc. The site is safe for kids because it’s profiles section and the My Shot photo gallery where users can upload their own contents are moderated and needs approval from the admins before it showing up in the website. The website is free though it is having a premium section that offers much more exciting contents with a paid subscription of $4.99 a month or $29 a year.

2.NASA Kids’ Club

websites for kids - nasa

NASA Kids’ club is a dedicated section in NASA’s official website entirely for elementary students. Here, students will find games and activities grounded in science and language arts. The educational games that are offered in the site have various levels for children of Pre-KG to grade 4. The immense video and image gallery on this website is a great place to learn about our universe.

3. How stuffs work

howstuffswork - website for kidsHowStuffWorks is an award-winning educational website to learn how everything works. The site has unbiased,reliable easy-to-understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works. The website has many age appropriate topics including animals, culture, automobiles, politics, money, science, and entertainment, etc. The topics that are iffy for younger kids such as drugs, alcohol, sex, weapons, etc. are handled in a scientific or historical way. Parents should be aware that sponsored search results and Google Ads may contain inappropriate content.

4.Discovery Mindblown

Discovery mind blown

Discovery Mindblown is another excellent website that kids can use to learn online. The site is a purpose-driven brand deeply rooted in Discovery’s guiding principles of exploration, education, and entertainment.

5. YouTube Kids

youtube kids

YouTube kids is a video app developed for children. The app contains videos that target children with curated selections of content, parental control features, etc. The app draws a lot of public scrutiny because of featuring some videos that are inappropriate for children. The parental control feature in the app comes in handy for ensuring the safe browsing experience in the app. Parents can block channels that they find inappropriate for their children, set timer and also they can disable the search feature. With a YouTube Red Subscription, they can ensure an ad-less browsing experience to their children. Despite all the negatives, YouTube Kids is an excellent resource for useful videos for children.

6.Oxford Owl

oxford owl website for kids

Oxford Owl is another best website for kids that your kids can start using. It contains a vast collection of educational resources and free eBooks to support children’s learning at primary school and home.  The website allows you to choose the age level of your child; therefore, the books and the educational materials are tailored to suit their abilities and interests. And after all the website is entirely free to use.

7.PBS Kids

PBS KIDSPBS Kids is an exciting website that features hundreds of educational games for kids. The games feature popular characters from the PBS franchises including Arthur, Dinosaur Train, Super why, Cyberchase, and more. PBS is not limited to Games; it offers a lot of educational videos also. We recommend PBS Kids for early elementary classes looking for a comprehensive learning tool, PBS Kids Play is an excellent choice.

8.Science Bob

science bob

Science Bob is a great website to find easy science experiments, watch experiment videos, and get fantastic science fair ideas. The website has a massive collection of science experiment videos with explanations. The site is safe to use for all age groups, and it is free.


Kodable is the best place to start learning computer programming for kids. The site introduces kids to the kind of logic and the concepts needed in computer programming. The website is not free to use, though they provide their first lesson for free which includes the concepts of if/then statements loops etc. The site teaches the concepts through games so the kids will not get bored of learning.

10.Homework Elephant

hw elephant website for kidsHomework elephant contains educational resources that help kids to complete their homework assignments. It has a wide range of subjects and topics that are relevant to kids of all age groups. It also gives references to websites specializing in reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, famous quotes, etc. The site has an active chatroom for teachers and a link for teachers looking for new jobs.

Hope our list of Best educational websites for kids are useful for your children. If you have any suggestions or you know a better website for children than the listed ones, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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