Smart Classrooms | Advantages And Disadvantages

What is a smart classroom?

Smart classrooms are the classroom where technology is being used for the purpose of teaching and learning. Smart classrooms make use of computers, projectors and even smartphones for this purposes. They are conducted by a trained teacher using a multimedia screen, which brings visuals rather than the traditional chalk and blackboard method.The concept of smart classrooms is booming up in India and helping students to learn better. However no teaching methods are completely foolproof, it has it’s own disadvantages as well. Today we are discussing some of the Advantages and disadvantages of smart classrooms.

Advantages of smart classrooms

Access to online study materials

Smart classes combined with the Internet opens the door to the vast world of online study materials.It can leverage the maximum potential of online materials for learning and teaching. This way, the education would not be restricted to your textbook.

Another important aspect of Internet-based education is that It helps synchronization of all the study materials to every gadget.This helps in reducing taking notes. Students just need to download their study materials to their gadgets. It can save time and effort.

Internet-based education also helps to connect students and teachers 24*7 making it easy for students to ask their doubts and clarify it regardless of the time.

Paperless Classrooms

As discussed before, Smart classrooms utilize smart gadgets for learning and teaching. The use of smart devices in education partially or fully eliminates the textbooks/notebooks.The negligible use of paper makes education Eco-friendly leading to a solution for environmental hazards possessed by traditional education.

Make learning easy

Smart classrooms utilize visuals for teaching.Sometimes students can even interact with the visuals using advanced technologies like Virtual reality. Visual-based learning process found way effective than the traditional learning method. In this way, students can learn easily. Smart classrooms also make to reduce distractions and keep students engaged in the learning process.

Flexibility in teaching and learning

The smart board can present a wide variety of multimedia contents.Some students prefer video-based learning, and some prefer photos, graphs, maps, etc. A projector connected with the computer can present all these contents giving students the flexibility they want for learning effectively.

Advantage for absentees

Digital study materials can be downloaded and watched at any time or place.This benefits the absentees, even if they miss their classes they can download it and study themselves at their convenient time.

Disadvantages of smart classrooms

Cost of infrastructure

The cost of infrastructure is a concern for smart classrooms.It needs a number of smart gadgets like computers, tablets, projectors, software, etc. The software and hardware requirements also change frequently when the technology develops. So the schools may need to upgrade it.  To keep track of the changes and advancement of these software, schools may need to hire a technology person which is an additional cost that schools have to expend.

Technical Faults

Electronic gadgets are prone to technical faults. When these devices fail, it may need hours or days to repair it. This will waste a working day.Teachers may go back to the old blackboard method, but this is boring for both teachers and students once they get used to smart education.


Study using a smartphone with an internet connection is prone to distractions, Students can browse other websites, social networking apps, etc.If the gadgets are not closely monitored by parents or teachers. Filtered browsing is an option to prevent this. However, it is difficult if the gadget is personally owned by the child.

Lack of skilled teachers

Not every teacher is technologically skilled. Some teachers even can’t use a personal computer. It is hard to train such teachers to effectively teach with smart gadgets.The training also incurs some costs, if they are not properly trained the technology become a disturbing factor than becoming helpful.

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