Timetable Management System And Its Advantages

What is a Timetable management system?

Any timetabling problem of real-world proportions are likely to have considerable complexity. For this reason, creating a reliable automatic solver which requires no manual interventions is very difficult. And most of the schools/organizations do not have such a solution. Mostly the timetables are created by expert administrators by doing manual paperwork. But as said before this is time-consuming and requires a lot of work.

A timetable management system/ Timetable software helps schools and organizations to create and modify timetables easily with less or no manual intervention.

What are the advantages of Timetable management system?

1. Save time by effortless Scheduling

Creating a timetable is a complex and time-consuming task which involves laborious paperwork. It needs hours of optimization to assign teachers and classrooms for periods. Since this process requires manual work, Its is prone to human errors. This further affects the productivity of the institution.

The complex process of timetable generation can be automated by implementing a timetable management system. It only requires you to enter the subjects and names of teachers. The artificial intelligence of the system will automatically assign subjects by making use of optimal resource optimization.

2. Reduces error

The manual paper-based system is prone to human errors. A small error in the timetable may disturb the working of a whole institution. By installing a timetable system, The human errors can be reduced significantly. Even if you made a mistake during the data entry process, it could be identified and rectified with just a few clicks.

3. Eliminate paper-based Processes

Timetable management involves a lot of paper works. An institution with numerous classes might need piles of papers just for timetables. Hence, storing and updating these records will become incredibly difficult. A timetable management system employs paperless administration, all the data stored digitally which takes up no physical space. It helps to improve the productivity of the organization by reducing the paper works .

4. Customization and flexibility

A good timetable management system offers high flexibility and customization. It can support any schools irrespective of the size, location or language. Many timetable management systems like Eduxpert have customization support. You can discuss your exact requirements with the team, and they will provide you the exact system that matches with your school.

5. Highly secure

Paper-based timetable systems are vulnerable to natural disasters like flood, fire, hurricanes, etc. Consequently a data loss or destruction can happen. By storing timetables digitally, you can ensure the security of data. Above all a good Timetable software always offer highly secures servers ,which will prevent the theft of digital data.

6.Real-time updates

Any changes made to the time table can be instantly notified by push notifications/SMS. In the traditional system teachers have to announce changes in classes, and there were no options to get parents notified. The timetable software helps to notify the real-time updates to students, parents, and teachers.

7.Intuitive and user-friendly

The software is very user-friendly. Anybody can use it with little to no technical knowledge. The software only requires you to enter the necessary information, and it will automatically generate a timetable for you. The software is easy to implement in schools of every size and type.

8.Multilingual support

No matter where you are located in the world and what language you use in your school, a Timetable Management System will enable you to generate your timetables in your language.

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